Things are under construction over here but we'll be underway quickly


Domain purchased at Domain.ca, a CIRA Certified Registry
One of Canada's first and original domain registries, established in 1999 and here to help you keep your internet assets fully secure.

Website hosted at COOLCOM Premium Web
Home of the Canadian Trained and Empolyed Technical Pros here to help you 24/7

It's all about internet security with well deserved luxury

Hundreds of 1000s of spams prevented every week
No client downtime due to website hacks
NO Phone banks, real people to help you succeed
Canadian Company with Canadian staff and techs

Personal service from people that care.

Next step: Build a Website! 5 page "We do it for you Package.
We can also install Joomla or Wordpress for you FREE! Ask at the Help Desk and we'll get it done.